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Our purpose is to elevate spiritual sentiment in the audience through the drumming sound of a traditional Japanese percussion instrument known as "taiko." Our drumming serves as a bridge among different cultures for global understanding beyond language and words. Through drumming, we are able to enhance our spiritual growth.

Makoto is a fundamental character trait that includes such higher qualities as sincerity, truthfulness, altruism, reliability, and integrity. Makoto has a broad, yet profound, meaning that cannot be summarized in just one or two words because its meaning varies according to specific context. A person has makoto when his actions are in alignment with his words and ideals, and these words emulate the basic foundation of our drumming.


8th Annual Concert Photos Here!

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OPEN SESSION - Learn Taiko!

$10 per person
Makoto Taiko Studio (1465 Lincoln Ave., Pasadena, CA 91103)